Bradford Pear removals in Olive Branch

Same trees during winter when we removed them.
Hauling off the last load. — Job done

Multiple tree storm clean-up on in Poagville

Untangling Cedar and small Elm.
Dragging brush.

Big Water Oak removal in Poagville

Large Water Oak was dropping branches on house (out of picture, to the left), so homeowner wanted it gone.
Viewing toward the house.
Driving off after final cleanup and walk-through of job. (Homeowner hauled off some of the brush on the flatbed trailer you see on the left). Stump cut low to ground.

Dying Silver Maple removal in Horn Lake

You can see this dying Silver Maple is threatening to dwarf the house in this compact front yard. Picture of tree in early Fall (look closely and the Crepe Myrtle is still with leaves and flowering).
Job finished. Rose bush in flower bed remained untouched.
Picture from back of driveway. Looking good. Threat to home removed. Stump cut low to ground.

Raise crown of Loblolly Pine in Poagville so customer could safely drive around it; and clean up area underneath.

The 2 lower branches of this Loblolly Pine were hanging down too low and starting to get in the way of the customer uses this area as a turn-around. Also small trees and vines were growing up into the tree.
Lower branches removed, and small trees and undergrowth cleared away. Customer wanted small fence section and hardware to remain. (We re-attached sign to the tree after this picture was taken.)

Clean-up and removal of storm blown-down Mockernut Hickory at Liberty M.B. Church in Coldwater area.

Mockernut Hickory after it was blown down by the wind storm.
Same tree from the opposite angle.
Job done. Fence undamaged. The location and lawn around the tree was a little wild and overgrown. We cleaned it up to church’s specs… better than it was, but it still remained a little rough.

 Removal of large White Oak in Independence

Size comparison of White Oak with my son. Note oozing, discoloration, and decay in trunk.
Tree was leaning and oozing. Co-stem to left remained. Man on left wanted to use the White Oak for woodworking.
Done. Customer opted to have brush drug into ditch in woods. Branches hauled off. Large log was later transported for use in woodworking.

Oak and Cedar Tree Trimming Job in Olive Branch

Before view of the 3 trees we pruned.
Trimming done. Cleaning up. We achieved the trimming goal of the customer by thinning out and removing the smaller branches from the main lateral branches. In this case the customer did not want to remove the lower lateral branches, just thin and open them up.